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Siera Grass-roots Agency (SIGA)


About SIGA
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Siera Grass-roots Agency (SIGA) is an indigenous Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) set up by experienced professionals in Community and Rural Development, with the main aim of improving the socioeconomic conditions of the grassroots people in rural and urban communities in Sierra Leone.

It is registered with the Ministry of Development and Economic Planning; Registered with Ministry of Social Welfare Gender & Children Affairs and is a member of the Western Area Child Protection Committee, NGO forum of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security and the Sierra Leone Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (SLANGO).
SIGA started operation in 1989 in the Moyamba district, Southern Province and established an office in Freetown in 1990. It has now extended its activities to the other parts of the country. Over the years, with the policy of responding to community needs, SIGA has accumulated a wealth of experience in development and administration of grassroots programmes. Such programmes include micro credit for women associations, revolving farming input supply systems, skills training for women and young girls, swamp development; water management and rehabilitation of feeder roads, community infrastructures construction, resources management and environmental protection to name a few.

SIGA has worked with international partners including, Bread for the World (BftW) in Germany, The UNDP in Sierra Leone, Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in Sierra Leone, World Food Programme (WFP) in Sierra Leone, CARE International Sierra Leone, DFID in the UK, Children and Charities International (CAC) in the USA, The Embassy of the United States in Sierra Leone, The Embassy of Japan in Ghana, Debar Community Development in the UK, American Refugees Committee (ARC) in the USA.
The Local partners include the ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security, National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA). National Committee for Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration (NCDDR; and over 150 community based organizations.


The mission of SIGA is to develop rural and urban communities through capacity building with the full participation of community groups, organisations and institutions. A special focus is on women and children development as well as on Agriculture, and the Environment.


SIGA programmes are geared towards to improvement of the quality of the lives of the underprivileged in rural and urban communities. Towards this goal SIGA has the following key approaches

We identify donor agencies for the funding of small-scale rural and urban community development activities
We provide technical guidance to target groups for the rational utilisation of community and donor resources.

We develop through non-formal training, the skills, talents, attitudes and capacities of women, girls and the young men, useful for self-reliance and employment.

We foster collaboration with government institutions local and international NGOs for the purpose of partnership in community development.
We strengthen the capacity of SIGA so that it can pursue its objectives in an effective and sustainable manner.


SIGA has implemented a variety of projects in it’s over 25 years of existence. Listed below are some of the key projects which have been implemented.

SIGA is currently implementing the Movement to Educate Children in Work Situations (MECWS) project, in the Yoni Chiefdom Tonkolili District, with majority funding from Bread for the World in the Federal Republic of Germany. The project is to increase basic education and economically viable skills among children in work situations in the chiefdom. The project also targets the improvement of the economic situation in the homes of the children.

In October 2013, SIGA signed a contract with the embassy of Japan in Ghana for the construction a six classroom block with furniture for the Mamurka Village Primary school in the Yoni Chiefdom, Tonkolili District.
The school is now completed and fully operational.

In May 2017 the Embassy of Japan in Ghana commissioned three grain stores and drying floors three power tillers for farming assistance in the Yoni Chiefdom, Tonkolili District, Northern Sierra Leone.
The project was implemented by the SIGA with fund from the embassy and SIGA.

In 2009, SIGA assisted in the setting up of the Industrial Credit Society (ICS) a GROUP SAVINGS, INVESTMENT AND SMALL INSURANCE SCHEME open for membership to all low income earners in Sierra Leone. Registered membership is over 1,700 (December 2016)

SIGA acquired considerable experience in micro credit management especially in the partnership with American Refugees Committee (ARC) International in 2006. In this partnership, the capacity of SIGA was enhanced through training. SIGA has implemented two rural small scale enterprises development projects with funding from British Department for International Development (DFID) – Community Reintegration Programme (CRP).
SIGA completed the setting up of a vocational skills training centre for women at Masoila, Lungi in the Port Loko district in April 2004 with funds from CARE International under the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) funds the project.

SIGA completed the establishment of a training centre for the Marampa Women Development Association in Lunsar, Port Loko district at the end of February 2003. The Civil Affairs Section of UNAMSIL (The UN Peacekeeping mission in Sierra Leone) funded the project. The centre is run entirely by the association.

In the year 2001 SIGA was contracted by the British Department for International Development (DFID) in its Community Reintegration Programme (CRP) to develop a total of 25 hectares (60 acres) of swamp in the Loko Massama Chiefdom, Port Loko District, Northern Sierra Leone. The project was very successful. Apart from the improved farming plots provided, the project provided some income for some demobilised ex-combatants employed as labour. Some even settled in the communities to continue farming.

SIGA was able to secure support from CARE International and World Food Programme (WFP) for food for the children of the former UNALSIL Orphanage Home in Mile 91.SIGA also made several requests to other partners for support for the home.



Yoni Chiefdom, Mamurka, Royanka Villages 200 Custodians of MECWS project children 200 Small Business development in Small Animals and vegetables production; 8 months Bread for the World, Germany: 2013 $8,25
North: Yoni Chiefdom, Mamurka Village 200 custodians of MECWS project children Inland Swamp Development and rice production. 8 months Bread for the World, Germany; 2012 $20,500
North; Debia & BKM Chiefdoms 15 Villages and towns Crops production input credit for rural enterprise development; 6 months DFID/CRP;2002 $22,000
North: Loko massama Chiefdom Mapla & Bathsint communities Development of 30 acres of Mapla & Bathsint swamps; 6 months Department for International Development (DFID)/Community Reintegration Programme (CRP),2001 $46,333

North; Koya & Yoni Chiefdoms 10 Women Farmers Associations Groundnut Production for two seasons; 9 months United Nation Development Project (UNDP)/NaCSA Support for Rehabilitation and Resettlement (SRRP); 2001 $5,026

North; Koya & Yoni Chiefdoms 6 women Associations Vegetables
Production for two seasons; 9 months UNDP/NaCSA SRRP; 2001 $5,500

North, Kaffu Bullom Chiefdom Maragiri Farmers Association Rehabilitation of 300 acres of Inland Valley Swamp, 6 months EU; 1995 $10,666

South, Moyamba and North Tonkolili Districts ILO Trained Local Road Rehabilitation Contractors Monitoring of Food Aid Distribution to Local Contractors International Labor Organization (ILO), 1991 No records

North: Yoni Chiefdom, Mamurka Village Mamurka Community Construction of six classroom primary school block, furniture: 6 months Embassy of Japan in Ghana: November 2013 to April 2014 $121,942

Construction of three store and drying floor; supply of three power tillers for farming assistance to communities in the Yoni Chiefdom, Tonkolili District, 12 Months; $53,000. Funded by Embassy of Japan in Ghana.

North; Marampa chiefdom Lunsar town, Establishment of a vocational Training for women and girls; 12 months United Nation Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL) Trust fund; 2003 $ 8,666
North Yoni Chiefdom, Mile 91 Movement to educate children in work situation (MECWS) Construction of vocational skills training center Debar Community Development (DCD) United Kingdom $12,596
West; Central Freetown City Council, Big Market Traders Association Rehabilitation of Historic Freetown Big Market.12 months NaCSA; 2002 $137,333.

Western Area; Wilberforce Village Wilberforce Progressive Union Construction of Health Centre; 6 months National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA); 2001 $137,000

North, Tonkolili District Mile 91; 200 children in work situations Movement to Educate Children in Work Situation (MECWS), 3 years. Bread for the World ( BftW),Germany, 2012 to 2014 $308,000
North, Tonkolili District Mile 91; 200 children in work situations Movement to Educate Children in Work Situation (MECWS), 3 years. Bread for the World ( BftW),Germany, 2008 to 2011$185,000
North, Tonkolili District Mile 91; 200 children in work situations Movement to Educate Children in Work Situation (MECWS), 9 months Bread for the World ( BftW),Germany, 2006 $46,660
North; Wara Wara and Sengbe chiefdoms, Kabala Bulk Buying and Micro Credit for Women Associations; 6 months DFID/CRP; 2003 $9,000
South, Moyamba District 9 Displaced Chiefdom Women Associations Micro Credit Scheme; 2 years European Union (EU); 1994 $6,666
North; Kaffu Bullom Chiefdom 300 Female Ex-combatants, Wives of ex-combatants Micro Credit and support services; 9 months National Committee for Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (NCDDR); 2002 $54,000
North Maforki & Loko Massama Chiefdoms150 Clients; IDPs, Returnees Micro Credit Programme. 12 months American Refugee Committee (ARC) International 2002 $10,750
North: Kaffu Bullom Chiefdom Masoila, Lungi Establishment of a vocational Training for women and girls; 12 months CARE International Sierra Leone $21,000

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